I Promise to Be Frank About Making Money Online

My name is Samantha Franklin and I’m starting “Frankly Making Money” in an attempt to chronicle everything I do and everything I think about while marketing online. I’ve already been in the “field” for a year and a half and I’ve already been accepted to a number of CPA companies, I’ve made a good amount of money from adsense already, and I have a couple of sites that are earning a nice bit of pocket change.

But I’m nowhere near where I need to be in order to be in order to make a living off internet marketing, or to just pay off my student loans.

And that’s why I’m setting this blog up, not just as proof to myself, but as proof to everyone that even a college student who’s down on her luck can be successful online and that you can make money honestly.

The things I want to focus on is everything involving internet marketing, reviewing working products (in other words, I will NEVER put something on here if I don’t find it useful or if I think something else can do a product’s job for less or free.), and maybe some offline marketing.

I’ll also write about SEO-related topics from time to time as I really feel about it. My disclaimer about SEO in advance is that I am no expert in it, but I really believe there’s a lot of myths and fluff surrounding SEO that too many people fall for — but I’ll write more about that later.

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