A Brief Status Update from Sam

I know that I’ve taken an extensive break for updating my blog, but I’ve had numerous trials that I’ve had to overcome in my life. When I wasn’t faced with some tragedy or seemingly never-ending struggle with my own inner thoughts, I was busy working on the things I needed to do that would allow me to support myself financially.

All I can say is that you should never let yourself become lax in what you do. It’s so hard to get back up again and to conform to a routine that you’ve long since lost.

After a restless night, I did come to one conclusion. I want to continue updating this blog. I’m going to dress it up so that it’s pretty, so that it appeals to my readers, and so that I can actually make something that people will find useful. I’ve always wanted to try to do that last part, particularly because I’ve always had this nagging sensation that what I do simply isn’t enough. I have the knowledge and experience to help people, so I think I should try my best.


In the coming weeks, I’m not sure what I’ll post about. As you know, this is a blog focused on marketing ideas. I’m debating expanding it to cover topics like article writing, analytics and a wider array of things that I think you’ll find helpful.

I’ve already progressed in this by creating a social networking category. I even have two posts created that are designed to deal with this, but I’m not sure how well they’ll read. I am fairly rusty with blogging, after all.


I hope this is the start of something good, because I certainly want it to be good for both you and myself. Here’s to keeping Frankly Making Money frankly amazing.

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