The Hardest Part of Your Own Business: Motivating Yourself to Succeed

It is incredibly easy to find yourself in a place where you want to succeed, but you can’t find a way to do so. You try, try, try some more, then find yourself stuck. This is how entrepreneurship goes for a lot of people, and it’s why many quit after their first few tries. Only the tenacious and daring continue to try.

The one thing I want you to know is that the people who keep trying are by no means dumb, stupid or worthless. They’re actually quite smart because they have one attribute that propels them towards success when it comes to business, their dreams and all things in life:

They don’t know how to quit.

It's easy to lose yourself while trying to think of success.

It’s easy to lose yourself while trying to think of success.

The unique challenge that anyone who tries to run their own business, blog, website, group or any other type of activity faces is finding the motivation to succeed. For many people, it’s akin to an itch that you have to scratch.

The problem with trying to motivate yourself is that many people give up after a short while. Having started and stopped on many projects I thought that could be worthwhile, I know this feeling all too well. You get the sensation that what you’re doing doesn’t matter. You lose hope because you grow to convince yourself that you won’t succeed. You come up with reasons why ideas won’t work before you manage to even try them. Everything you do seems to be vain efforts the only float about int he wind like a free-roaming piece of discard paper.

I’ll give a personal example. A while ago, I Started Frankly Making Money in an attempt to accomplish a number of things. While reasons are more obvious than others, I felt as if some of my goals weren’t so readily apparent. I still don’t think they are, but I’m working to change that. I’ll explain a little bit about that in just a minute.

The point is that I kept making the same, continuous mistake. It led me to giving up on this blog before I had even really started with it.


Making the Change to Succeed

What I realized is that I hadn’t tried hard enough. I hadn’t tried new things. I hadn’t sat back to see how those things were received. I never tried to foster communication between myself and the people whom were most valuable to my blogging experience. I gave up on nearly all my projects due to certain circumstances of my life.

Then, one day, I woke up.

The thing that woke me up was the fact that I still had a trickle of traffic coming in to my blog via search engines, forum posts I’d made and a number of other things. I saw what I was doing, what other successful people were doing, and what the difference between them and myself was.

I had given up. I was at a stand-still. I wasn’t trying anymore.

In fact, I was actively working against myself. Remember when I said that I was actively trying to seek reasons that I didn’t want to try things? I was subconsciously trying to find the fastest way to quitting. I had even forgotten one of strange tips to success I had written oh-so-long ago that went to the effect of, “do something“.

That’s when I made the conscious decision to try again, and that’s why I started writing posts again.


Finding the Motivation You Need for Yourself

Learning to achieve success is as easy as learning to think; anyone can do it, but first you have to try.

Learning to achieve success is as easy as learning to think; anyone can do it, but first you have to try.

The purpose of my blog isn’t to pity myself, nor is it to talk about myself. The purpose of this post is to do nothing more than to help you think about your own difficulties when it comes to motivating yourself. I want you to try to think about the challenges that you face and why you haven’t surpassed them yet.

It may be that you can’t succeed, because you don’t have enough money to invest in your own business. the truth is that you have more wealth than you know, even if it’s not necessarily monetary. You have a head on your shoulders capable of thinking, dreaming, and imagining the wildest things.

It may be that you’ve tried once or twice before only to be met with failure each time. You may have tried multiple times, but you haven’t truly succeeded in any sustainable way. The truth is that you have succeeded. You just need to learn how to interpret success, which means that you need to learn to accept what victories you have accomplished.

It may be that you feel as if you’re not in the right place to strive to succeed. You’ve got this feeling hiding deep within you that you’ll be ready soon to try to succeed, but you don’t think you’re quite there yet. The truth is that you’re more than ready, you just need to put your feet forward to continue trying.

Finding your motivation to succeed in business, or life for that matter, is as simple as acknowledging that you can be successful. You just have to work to defeat your own self-defeating tendencies.


Everyone has faced challenges in their life that aren’t just related to business. What problems have you faced? How did you overcome them? What did you think while trying to convince yourself to try to succeed?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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