5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page and 1 Myth Dispelled

Fans are the commodity that keeps your Facebook marketing running. Active ones will give you an insight into what your target audiences like, promote your page through their interaction and lead to more Facebook members becoming your fans.

The problem is that people need to be motivated to Like your Facebook Page. That’s why, in order to help with your Facebook marketing, I’m going to quickly cover 5 effective ways to promote your Facebook Fan page after discussing one popular way of Facebook promotion that fails.

The Biggest Facebook Myth

The most prevalent advice I’ve ever seen pertaining to Facebook concerns how you should handle your Facebook Fan Page right after you’ve created it: You should invite all your friends to it using the ‘Suggest to Friends’ button.

Facebook 'Suggest to Friends' May Not Be So Effective

Facebook ‘Suggest to Friends’ May Not Be So Effective

Here’s the thing: that doesn’t work so well.

Not only has Facebook reduced the maximum number of friends you can use this feature to suggest a Page to, they’ve made it so that these suggestions tend to go unnoticed. It’s not uncommon for a person to have hundreds of missed suggestions on their account.

What’s more is that aggressively suggesting your Page to all your friends is counter-intuitive Few will like it and more will begin to actually dislike it.

So with that myth out of the way, let’s discuss 7 proven ways to get Facebook Fans.

1. Invite Your Website’s Visitors with an Embedded Widget

It’s likely that you already have a number of visitors on your own website or blog. You can embed a simple “Like This” box on your website that will allow them to quickly and easily like your website.

An Example of Facebook Widget Embedded With a WebsiteFacebook provides an embeddable widget for your website that you can find from your Facebook Fan Page’s administration section.

If you want something better, which I do recommend, then you’re going to need to learn how to use FBML. It will enable you to create a live widget that shows your latest actions and interactions with your followers.

2. Make Your Landing Tab Exquisite

With the amount of customization Facebook allows, it’s entirely possible to create a full-featured landing tab that enthralls newcomers to your Page. Add some graphics, a compelling video and a bit of markup to drastically increase the conversion rate of your Fan Page.

3. Leverage the Power of Apps

Facebook Apps can extend the functionality of your Fan Page. This gives fans more of a reason to Like your Page and, ultimately, continue coming back to it.

Some examples of apps integrated with pages include Vpype, an application that allows streaming video, and Target’s “Bullseye Gives”, which allows Fans to vote as to which charity Target donates to and share their use of this app on their Timeline.

4. Integrate Facebook Into Your Website

While there are a number of ways to integrate Facebook’s many features into your website, the most useful is by integrating Facebook comments with your website’s content.

Integrate Facebook Comments with your Website to Produce More Fans

Integrate Facebook Comments with your Website to Produce More Fans

As people like and comment on your pages, they will post things to their Facebook Feed. This can spread your Facebook presence and lead to a viral visitor situation where you gain more Fans than you know what to do with them.

5. Invite Your Email Subscribers

If you’ve been hard at work building an email subscriber list like any good marketer should be, then you already have a great start. All you need to do is to add your Facebook logo or badge to your HTML emails to give your subscribers the opportunity they need to become a Fan.

You can even take this one step further. Say something like, “Become a part of our Facebook community.” to give your readers a reason to join.

5 Ways to Get Facebook Friends to Your Page

No matter if you’ve just picked up Facebook marketing with the Facebook Wealth Formula or if you’re an experienced Facebook business person, you’ll find that these methods are timeless and far better than the “Suggest to Friends” feature.

What about you? Which of these methods have you used to get fans to your Facebook Page? Feel free to add your own ideas for attracting new Fans below!

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