Dealing With the Stress of Being an Entrepreneur

You know that it’s always my goal to be as frank with you as possible. That’s why I try to be as honest as I can about the life of entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve face has to be dealing with the many factors that lead to stress.

I mean, you’re doing so many things when you take building a business into your own hands. You’re responsible for every success and failure you experience. You have to think of ways to succeed. You have to cultivate a loyal audience that will support you no matter what.

Dealing with Entrepreneurial Stress.I’m still trying to do all those things. I get stressed out between running multiple website and dealing with the many shenanigans that ensue.

Consider some of the things I have to deal with as an entrepreneur.

For example, I recently had to switch hosting companies. PayPal, whom I use for a variety of business things, “no longer does business with HostGator”. I can’t say why the customer service representative gave me this answer, but the effect is just the same.

Moving five websites from one host to another is stressful. You have to check the domains and ensure that the DNS configurations go through. You have to monitor uptime. You have to reconfigure your logs.

It’s a pain.

Before I devolve too far into rambling, I just want to talk about entrepreneurship and the stress that it brings. I want to delve into some of the ways I deal with stress before asking you for the things you do to deal with it.

1. Taking a Step Back

The first thing I generally do when I feel stressed with my entrepreneurial efforts is to take a step back. I work hard for a few days, then I simply let things settle and shift about. I’ll look at the results once the dust clears.

If I try too hard in too short of a time, then I’ll eventually end up burning myself out. This is part of the reason that I’ve temporarily suspended my Frankly Blogging series. I want to deliver you the best content I can without rushing perfection.

2. Reviewing My Progress

Every piece of content I publish, be it a blog post or a feature-length page, results in some sort of progress. It may only bring one or two visitors like my 4 Strange Tips That Will Guarantee Internet Marketing Success, or it may bring a steady stream of readers like my Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 Review has.

The point is that everything I have done has resulted in some progress. Continuing that long, difficult path is the key to success.

Stepping back and remembering this is another way of how I deal with stress.

I take the time to look at my Stats page. I look at the tracking I’ve ad-hoc’d together. I think about where I was in 2011 when I started this blog, and I realize just how far I’ve come.

3. Looking Towards Tomorrow

The final thing I realize when I get stressed out as an entrepreneur is to look at where tomorrow could go. I realize that I’m not going to see an immediate boost in traffic tomorrow, but I do look at the grand scheme of things.

For example, I’ve noticed that the last few updates to Google have dramatically shifted how much traffic I see. My less-popular pages now get a few views every months.

I love that. It means that by continually building, I’m going to go somewhere.

The other thing I think about regarding tomorrow concerns what I can try next. I acknowledge attempts I’ve made that have been less than fruitful. I ask why, and I reserve tomorrow as a time to try again while I’m just a bit wiser.

Stress Melts Away

When I use this trinity of stress relief, I eventually find myself in a tranquil place where I’m ready to take on my next entrepreneurial challenge.

With that renewed feeling, I’m able to attempt something new.

What about you? What do you do to deal with stress? Do you have some secret that makes things easier? Do you just want to get the stress you feel off your chest?

Whatever the answer, make sure to leave it below. I want to read what you have to say!


2 thoughts on “Dealing With the Stress of Being an Entrepreneur

  1. Although not an entrepreneur, I work 2 jobs & have children. My yoga/pilates gets me through the stressful times! Writing lists also helps get everything out of my head and onto paper so I can deal with it rationally.

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