Learn How to Make New Years Resolutions Your Marketing Goal

New Years is the time for resolutions. Countless people make decisions to better themselves, to improve their lives, and to become different people.

What does this have to do with marketing? Quite literally everything.

New Years Resolutions and Internet Marketing

In a nutshell, New Years represents a time when people have the most problems. They’re going to be looking for a solution, and that’s where marketers enter the picture.

You’re going to give them the solution that will help them.

Let’s examine my simple step-by-step blueprint for making a profit with New Years resolutions.

1. Understand the Problem

A New Years resolution stems from the fact that people have a problem. They may be overweight, smoke, wish to find that special someone, or simply desire to better themselves in some way.

Statistics Brain has a great page that compiles some interesting statistics about New Years resolutions. You can find the most common resolutions here along with some interesting things about them.

Some facts to take away from this page include:

  • Fitness, weight loss, finances, smoking and love account for the majority of New Years resolutions people have.
  • 45 percent of people make a New Years resolution, but only about 8 percent are successful.
  • Younger people tend to be more successful than older people in achieving their resolutions.
  • 64 percent of resolutions last a month, while 46 percent remain steady through six months.

The point is to understand the problem that drives someone’s resolution. This will help you, as a marketer, draft a solution that works for them.

2. Compile Information

Research is the key for creating effective content. You need to be able to gather information, interpret it, and present it to the people you want.

This is the basic idea behind content curation and content marketing.

You’re designing an easy-to-find solution for providing answers to people in need. They will choose one of the solutions you present to them not because those solutions will make you money, but because they will provide the best way for them to solve their problem.

3. Present an Answer

Now is the time to present the answer your hard work has helped you to create. You should have statistics, facts and other hard evidence designed to help support the conclusion you have arrived at about a New Years resolution.

Remember that you’re going to arrive at an answer, then search for a product that will help the people you’re aiming to market to. You may even have to wait until you reach this step to determine who you audience is, which is totally fine.

Remember that you’re:

  • Looking to present the ideal solution or one that is as close to ideal as possible.
  • Basing your information on facts, which may include customer reviews or statistics.
  • Not trying to sell the most expensive product; the product that produces happy customers is often the right answer, not the most expensive.
  • Delivering an answer that helps people besides yourself.

Keep in mind that a solution may not exist. If you think you can create a better one, then consider selling your solution on Fiverr.

4. Become Social About It

You’ve come an incredible way, pieced together a pile of information, and created a way to monetize it. The final step is to publish your information to the people that need it.

Needless to say, this is the hardest and most rewarding part.

There’s a few ways you can go about publishing your idea. Given the way New Years resolutions stick for the first three to five months of the year, my advice is to become social about it.

You should begin your social marketing by drafting a year-long campaign that avoids common social media marketing mistakes.

You’ll also want to have some sort of website set up. My favorite tool is a blog. They’re easy to set up using WordPress, require minimal hosting, and tend to make sense from a marketing perspective. The best part is that it’s relatively easy to create the perfect blog posting plan for next year.

Make Your New Years Resolution a Profitable One

Remember that Internet marketing isn’t just about turning a quick profit, especially if you want to be successful with it as a profession. Your goal should be to help others, as they will help you in return when you provide them with a reliable solution.

What do you think? Leave a comment below regarding your New Years marketing strategies.


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