FACEBOOK WEALTH FORMULA 2.0 – Is It A Scam? A Frank Review. (Updated for 2016)

There has been a lot of buzz around a certain product called the FACEBOOK WEALTH FORMULA 2.0, especially involving high-end, super-successful Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs. The large amount of traction that Facebook and other social networks has been getting with businesses as of late has driven people towards finding new ways to monetize what is, in my Frank opinion, one of the largest cash cows available to Internet businesses today.

The problem with these products is that they’re often not worth the money, nor do they provide you anything useful. Is the Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 another “Make Yourself Rich Overnight” scam that’s been created only to steal your money or does it actually provide you with the information you need to build your own Facebook-based business?

Read on to learn more about the Facebook Wealth Formula, who it’s for, how it relates to Facebook marketing, and if it works. As an added bonus, I will be covering the topic of getting the Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 for free.

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Why Facebook?

The Number of Facebook Users Will Continue to Increase After 2014

The number of active Facebook users has increased non-stop.

Let’s face it: social networking is the future. More people than ever before are using it and, as it so happens, Facebook is the fastest growing social network on the Earth.

That’s right, it puts Twitter, Google+ and any other combination of networks you can think of to shame. Even my grandmother uses Facebook now, which makes it a prevalent force in the lives of people.

It also make sit one of the easiest ways for marketers to reach their target audiences. With the different fields, the massive number of ways you can connect with people and the ways that people can connect with you, Facebook is a marketing gold mine.

The problem with it is learning how to use it. That’s where the Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 promises to help, but is it the real thing that helps marketers succeed or another lousy scam?

Haven’t I Heard of That Before?

Is the Facebook Wealth Formula a checklist to success?

Is the Facebook Wealth Formula a checklist to success?

Before we go any further, we need to address one thing: the name of this product.

The Facebook Wealth Formula has undergone a long list of name changes in the few years that it has been out. The Facebook Wealth Formula is currently called FB Influence 2.0, but I will be referring to it as the “Facebook Wealth Formula” due to the fact that most Internet marketers know it by that name.

Here’s a brief list of the name you might find this product referred to as:

  1. Facebook Wealth Formula
  2. Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0
  3. Facebook Marketing for Internet Marketers
  4. FB Influence Formula
  5. FB Influence 2.0
  6. fbinfleunce

Why did the name change? Although I can’t confirm it with the author, I can only assume that the name was changed from the “Facebook Wealth Formula” to “FB Influence 2.0” because Facebook sent a DMCA to the author. This was the case with a lot of websites and products that used copyrighted and trademarked terms, so it’s not unreasonable to assume.

What does the Facebook Wealth Formula Give You?

Facebook Wealth Formula-2.0 ReviewedLet’s dive into the main course: what does this product contain?

Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 consists mainly of a series of instructional videos by the author, Amy Porterfield, created with the intent to train you in the ways you need to know to be successful with Facebook marketing.

Included in the Facebook Wealth Formula are a number of other bonuses. These aren’t so much things that will train you in fundamental concepts, but they will key you in on ways that you can make your Facebook business work better.

With that being said, I don’t think the bonuses are anything special. I’ve seen better on lesser Internet marketing products.

How Reliable is the Author, Amy Porterfield?

Amy-Porterfield-The-Author-of-the-Facebook-Wealth-FormulaLots, and I mean lots, of Internet marketing products are developed by no-names and gurus whom, for all intents and purposes, are no-names because they’ve never been successful on their own.

Amy Porterfield is someone whom I can respect. She’s the author of the Facebook Wealth Formula, an established Internet marketer and author of several books. She was even the community manager for the well-known Social Media Examiner website.

Couple this with the fact that she teamed up with Lewis Howes and Sean Malarkey, two big names in Internet marketing, and you have the potential for a product that’s not a waste of time.

What Does the Facebook Wealth Formula Include?

There are 4 content modules and 5 bonus materials. They’re divided in logical ways that are meant to make it easier to understand how the Facebook Wealth Formula works, which is something that I can honestly appreciate.

I’m only providing a brief overview of what’s featured in the Facebook Wealth Formula. To experience this product for yourself, check it out here.

Facebook Wealth Formula Module Steps

Facebook Wealth Formula steps in an easy-to-understand diagram.

The videos themselves are divided into four modules:

  1. The Core Principles Required to Have a Comprehensive Grasp of Facebook
  2. How to Grow Your Fans and Followers
  3. Learning to Engage Your Followers in a Way They Appreciate
  4. Making your Fans and Followers Perpetuate Your Business For You

The bonuses, which I think are a mxied bag, are divided into six documents:

    1. How to Design Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for Rapid Expansion: This document aims to teach you the effect of social networking without forcing you to learn the cause. This can be decent supplemental material if you feel like social marketing is too far from your expertise to handle.
    2. The 3-Step Lead Generation Facebook Blueprint: Amy breaks down the process of converting Facebook fans into newsletter subscribers into just three steps. This is decent if you want to invest in the power of email marketing.
    3. 50 Ready-Made Image Quotes for Your Business: Media is one of the most effective ways to connect with your fans and followers. Leveraging it isn’t so easy, at least until you get the hang of things. Amy Porterfield provides 50 quotes that can be readily posted to your Facebook wall in this bonus. I think it’s a nice touch.
    4. Workshops on How Facebook’s New Features Can Promote Your Business: One of the biggest complaints about Facebook marketing is that Facebook always seems to change everything. This aims to help businesses adjust better to change, which makes it one of the few bonus documents I actually like.
    5. Cashing in on Facebook Places and Deals: This is a 51-page presentation on how to leverage the Places and Deals features of Facebook to your business’s advantage. Like I said, I don’t find this incredibly useful by itself.
    6. Access to the Private fbinfluence Facebook Group: The key feature of being in this group is that it should give you a support network. When you encounter roadblocks or other things that hinder your business, you can see if other people have a way around them. This is likely the most valuable bonus included in the Facebook Wealth Formula.

How Does the Facebook Wealth Formula Rate?

Facebook Wealth Formula SCAM or is it the REAL THINGHere’s what I like about the Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0:

      • It’s simple and to the point. You’re not going to get lost in convoluted technical jargon.
      • It’s laid out in an efficient and easy-to-comprehend manner. This reinforces my opinion that it’s decent for Internet marketers and businesses with different levels of skill.
      • It skips the fluff and most of the upselling talk that most products have to get your Facebook business running as soon as possible.

Even though I’m a bona-fied Facebook marketer and I’ve had my own long list of success, I will say that I did learn a few tricks after finishing this course. This is the key thing that makes the Facebook Wealth Formula worth considering, even if you don’t buy it. Look at it here.

Here’s what I hated about the Facebook Wealth Formula:

      • There’s no physical copy option. This makes me feel like the product is offered at a lower price to make it more appealing to everyone. Not a big deal, but it certainly makes it hard to focus on if you don’t always have access to a computer.
      • You can’t download the videos. You have to have an active connection to the Internet to see the product that you bought. This makes me a bit worried, but I’ll go out on a limb and say that what you buy will be there for the long run. Amy Porterfield is a name that isn’t going to up and disappear overnight.

I do want to dispel one illusion surrounding this product. It’s not going to make you an overnight millionaire. It’s meant for people who are serious about putting forth some guile and hard work to create their own Facebook-based business.

Should You Bother With the Facebook Wealth Formula?

Constructing a Winning Business with the Facebook Wealth FormulaHonestly? I think that the Facebook Wealth Formula has the merits to be a good product. It gives you an easy way to understand the ins and outs of Facebook marketing without trying to sell you too many additional products.

I do think that some faults might detract from what would otherwise be an excellent product, so I can’t say that you should buy this product.

I will say that, among the many products I have perused through and viewed, that while it’s a somewhat more expensive product, it tends to provide more value than every other product I’ve seen. It’s basically your own personal Facebook marketing tutor without the four-figure-a-meeting price tag that most gurus will charge you.

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What About Getting the Facebook Wealth Formula for Free?

The earliest version of the Facebook marketing product, the Facebook Wealth Formula, is available for download on many popular websites. While I don’t condone piracy, I will say that you’re more than welcome to stumble upon it by accident in your journey to find ways to make money online.

What I will warn you about this version of the Facebook Wealth Formula is that it’s nowhere near as complete, nor as easy to understand as the current version known as fbinfluence. You’re wasting your time if you try to start your Internet business with this outdated version of Amy Porterfield’s course.

Glance at the Facebook Wealth Formula and consider just how much an investment it could be towards your Internet marketing education.