Social Media

Social media is a fairly new way to communicate with the people who drive your business every day. It allows you to directly communicate with millions of people using little more than a short blurb of text, an image or a video, and your social media profile.

The reason this field is new concerns the recent evolution of technology. Mobile devices and the heightened availability of mobile computers have allowed people to entangle their lives with the Internet. This means that, much like televisions were a commonplace item in the American household from the 1970s and onwards, so too are devices that can access the World Wide Web.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the practice of leveraging social media for business purposes.

It’s when you do things right that social media really begins to shine. You’ll start to grow your fans without having to ask your friends, family members and co-workers to Like or to follow you. You’ll begin to reach new customers whom you may never have using traditional marketing methods.

When used properly, you can even integrate social media into your SEO and PPC strategies to make it more efficient. Social media marketing compliments digital business and, if given enough time and effort, will ultimately work to help drive your business by its lonesome. This can help you free yourself of the dramatic changes the search engines like to make, which tend to put businesses only a hair’s width from total business collapse.


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Below is just a quick laundry list of the benefits that social media in general can bring to your marketing goals. Be sure to read my posts to learn more about how each affects your business.

  •  Social media can reduce your overall marketing costs by allowing you to take advantage of free marketing.
  • Social media can enhance your organic search results by attributing positive signals towards your website. These can enhance your ranking in searches.
  • Social media enhances your understanding of your customers. You get a two-way communication that allows customers to learn about you and your business while letting you listen to what they like about them.
  • Social media can help you collaborate with other people and businesses. This allows you to form strategies relationships that can make your marketing efforts go further.
  • Social media gives you the competitive advantage over other businesses that aren’t using it. This means that, no matter how small your small business is, you’re already using the great equalizer that is social media marketing.


What’s Here?

This is a placeholder page. It will list resources on Social Media marketing, which includes sublinks to Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and other pages that provide a more in-depth explanation of their respective topics.

Below is a short list of pages that you might find helpful when it comes to amplifying your social media campaigns:

Facebook Marketing –  Learn the things you need to know about Facebook marketing to make your business succeed. This includes everything from learning how to establish your initial following, expanding your influence, learning how to use things like Facebook Insights, and more.


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