5 Mistakes that Could Sabotage Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Social media is the Midas Touch of modern marketing techniques. You can turn something seemingly hard to get off the ground into a campaign that’s both recognized widely and extremely profitable to you.

The problem is, that much like the legend behind the Midas Touch, it can also be a curse. Simple social media mistakes can drag your campaign down to the realm where nothing you do will ever amount to anything.

It’s really an easy way to run yourself ragged.

To avoid those common social media mistakes, I’ve decided to take a look at 5 of the most blaring Facebook marketing mistakes that companies tend to make. Just keep in mind that these mistakes are unique to the other 3 Common Facebook Mistakes I posted about previously.


1. Incomplete Profiles or Pages

The foundation of a home shares many similarities to the foundation that a proper social media marketing campaign should have; unless the foundation is solid, it will inevitably collapse.

That’s why filling out your entire social media profile is a thing that you have to do.

Business hours, an address, photographs of your products and employees, and everything else that will help your potential and actual fans learn about your company should be on your Facebook Fan Page.

Even the vanity URL you use should be something that looks aesthetically pleasing while being informative about your business.


Nike Football's completed Fan Page gives Fans everything they need to know and then some.

Nike Football’s completed Fan Page gives Fans everything they need to know and then some.


2. Posting Too Much

When it comes to social media, even your best audiences can get enough of you. Posting too much in too short of a time period will lead to less positive reception by your fans, to the point where they might ignore everything that you have to say in the future.

But wait, – what about keeping ahead of all the other Fan Pages they have flooding their feed?

Don’t worry about competing in terms of quantity. Compete in terms of quality, as posts with my interaction will naturally rise to the top of Timeline feeds.


3. Bad Cover Photos

The prevalence of Cover Photos that violate Facebook’s terms of service is astounding. This can result in suspension, removal of your page or removal of your ability to administrate your page.

None of those are things you want. Plus, when you review what isn’t allowed, you’ll understand that these things can just make your Facebook Page look plain tacky.

Under Facebook guidelines, you’re not allowed to have the following in your Cover Photo on your Facebook Fan Page:

  • Price information, discount codes or anything other text that could be construed as incentives for Liking your page.
  • Any calls to action, which include to Like, share, comment, download, share, refer your friends, or actions that would otherwise benefit you.
  • Contact information, which includes but isn’t limited to: phone numbers, email addresses, physical address or website forms.

What should you use as a cover photo? Coca-Cola has an amazing example of the type of Cover Photo you should use.

Coca-Cola's Cover Photo is an example of what your Facebook Fan Page should have.

Coca-Cola’s Cover Photo is an example of what your Facebook Fan Page should have.

In other words, you want something that showcases your products without actively telling your fans to buy them. If you can’t manage that, then go with something that showcases your company’s intrinsic values or the employees that work for you.

Remember that a picture’s worth more than just a thousand words on social media.


4. Focusing on Likes Too Much

While it’s true that Likes will likely drive your Fan Page towards success when the right people Like it, it’s not the end-all-be-all of Facebook marketing.

This is where a firm understand on how Facebook’s Fan Page mechanics work comes into play.

Likes by themselves only drive content up on a person’s Facebook Timeline so much. It’s comments and messages from other users to the Fan Page that allows it to show up on friend’s feeds and the like.

When it comes to obtaining more Likes, your best bet is to deliver exceedingly quality content that your fans share with like-minded people.

For more on how you can learn about this, see my Facebook Wealth Formula review. It covers a course that will likely provide you with the benefits you need to make your next Facebook marketing campaign a critical success.


5. Posting Unrelated Content

This is one of the biggest mistakes that small businesses tend to make. They think that they lack the type of content their fans want to see, so they post anything and everything they can find in the sheer hope that their fans will interact with their content.

This rarely works for building an audience, and it will only create an ineffective following when it does finally give you one.

That’s why you should always focus on on-brand material that works to ultimately promote yourself and the voices of your Fans.

Simple, to-the-point and effective. This is how your Fan Page posts should look.

Simple, to-the-point and effective. This is how your Fan Page posts should look.


Avoiding the Most Dire of Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Just keep these Facebook marketing mistakes in mind when you start your next campaign, and you’ll likely avoid any dramatic recoil that will hurt your social media marketing efforts.

When you employ the various time-tested Facebook marketing principles that I tend to write about, you’ll have a solid understanding of how Facebook marketing works and the things that will drive you towards success.

What social media mistakes do you think might be holding your social media marketing campaigns back? Let me hear in the comments below!


3 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Can (and Need to) Avoid

Can-You-Really-Make-Money-using-Facebook&alt;em>Lots of marketers turn Facebook marketing into places where crude, jumbled billboards litter the social networking site. They put too much information, give their readers too many choices, and act as if everything is okay, even when the sky is really falling.

You want to avoid all these things, because they all work against your main goal: attracting new users and keeping the ones you have.

Let’s go over 3 of the most common Facebook page mistakes, and how you can quickly remedy them.


1. Making Long Posts

Let’s face it, people prefer messages that are short, simple and to the point. Nobody’s going to sit there and read something that looks like this:

Long, wordy Facebook posts tend to be received poorly by your Fans.

Long, wordy Facebook posts tend to be received poorly by your Fans.

The problem with these posts is that they’re an overload of information. You want to keep your message shorts, concise and to the point.

Here’s how to fix this: Follow Twitter’s 140-character limit when you make your posts, but allow yourself to go a few characters over.

If you still have a block of text after trimming down your words, then make use of white space. Facebook is wonderful because it allows you to utilize new lines.


2. Including More Than One Link Per Post

In your Facebook post, your link is your call-to-action. It’s what drives your connections to visit your website and allows you to monetize your Facebook marketing.

Here's an example of how you should avoid using links in Facebook posts.

Here’s an example of how you should avoid using links in Facebook posts.

Multiple calls to action, such as the one above, will only work to confuse your followers. They’ll get lost in your post almost immediately and disregard at least half of it.

Here’s how to fix this: Only include one link per post. If you have multiple links, then make multiple posts.


3. Promoting Products on Your Own Page

One of the absolute biggest mistakes the businesses and marketers make on Facebook is that they promote their own products directly to their audiences.

Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants to see your productspromoted by you in their Facebook Timeline feed.

You’re pushing advertising in someone’s face that likely isn’t wanted. You will end up hurting yourself if you do this.

Here’s how to fix this: It’s okay to promote your own product when you have some value added to your post.

Lowe's Home Improvement shows Facebook marketers how self-promotion should be done on Facebook.

Lowe’s Home Improvement shows Facebook marketers how self-promotion should be done on Facebook.

This example from Lowe’s Home Improvement showcases such a situation. They’re promoting their sprinklers, but they’re offering something with entertainment value to it by helping their fans think about a time they had fun in their lives.


Wrapping It All Up

These 3 common mistakes are among the most detrimental to your Facebook marketing efforts. They’ll prevent you from attracting new followers, and achieving brand loyalty. You may even repel your fans and turn them into people whom are disgusted with your brand’s very mention.

Have you made one of these mistakes? To that point, what mistakes do you think Facebook marketers make? Leave a comment and let’s discuss them!

5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page and 1 Myth Dispelled

Fans are the commodity that keeps your Facebook marketing running. Active ones will give you an insight into what your target audiences like, promote your page through their interaction and lead to more Facebook members becoming your fans.

The problem is that people need to be motivated to Like your Facebook Page. That’s why, in order to help with your Facebook marketing, I’m going to quickly cover 5 effective ways to promote your Facebook Fan page after discussing one popular way of Facebook promotion that fails.

The Biggest Facebook Myth

The most prevalent advice I’ve ever seen pertaining to Facebook concerns how you should handle your Facebook Fan Page right after you’ve created it: You should invite all your friends to it using the ‘Suggest to Friends’ button.

Facebook 'Suggest to Friends' May Not Be So Effective

Facebook ‘Suggest to Friends’ May Not Be So Effective

Here’s the thing: that doesn’t work so well.

Not only has Facebook reduced the maximum number of friends you can use this feature to suggest a Page to, they’ve made it so that these suggestions tend to go unnoticed. It’s not uncommon for a person to have hundreds of missed suggestions on their account.

What’s more is that aggressively suggesting your Page to all your friends is counter-intuitive Few will like it and more will begin to actually dislike it.

So with that myth out of the way, let’s discuss 7 proven ways to get Facebook Fans.

1. Invite Your Website’s Visitors with an Embedded Widget

It’s likely that you already have a number of visitors on your own website or blog. You can embed a simple “Like This” box on your website that will allow them to quickly and easily like your website.

An Example of Facebook Widget Embedded With a WebsiteFacebook provides an embeddable widget for your website that you can find from your Facebook Fan Page’s administration section.

If you want something better, which I do recommend, then you’re going to need to learn how to use FBML. It will enable you to create a live widget that shows your latest actions and interactions with your followers.

2. Make Your Landing Tab Exquisite

With the amount of customization Facebook allows, it’s entirely possible to create a full-featured landing tab that enthralls newcomers to your Page. Add some graphics, a compelling video and a bit of markup to drastically increase the conversion rate of your Fan Page.

3. Leverage the Power of Apps

Facebook Apps can extend the functionality of your Fan Page. This gives fans more of a reason to Like your Page and, ultimately, continue coming back to it.

Some examples of apps integrated with pages include Vpype, an application that allows streaming video, and Target’s “Bullseye Gives”, which allows Fans to vote as to which charity Target donates to and share their use of this app on their Timeline.

4. Integrate Facebook Into Your Website

While there are a number of ways to integrate Facebook’s many features into your website, the most useful is by integrating Facebook comments with your website’s content.

Integrate Facebook Comments with your Website to Produce More Fans

Integrate Facebook Comments with your Website to Produce More Fans

As people like and comment on your pages, they will post things to their Facebook Feed. This can spread your Facebook presence and lead to a viral visitor situation where you gain more Fans than you know what to do with them.

5. Invite Your Email Subscribers

If you’ve been hard at work building an email subscriber list like any good marketer should be, then you already have a great start. All you need to do is to add your Facebook logo or badge to your HTML emails to give your subscribers the opportunity they need to become a Fan.

You can even take this one step further. Say something like, “Become a part of our Facebook community.” to give your readers a reason to join.

5 Ways to Get Facebook Friends to Your Page

No matter if you’ve just picked up Facebook marketing with the Facebook Wealth Formula or if you’re an experienced Facebook business person, you’ll find that these methods are timeless and far better than the “Suggest to Friends” feature.

What about you? Which of these methods have you used to get fans to your Facebook Page? Feel free to add your own ideas for attracting new Fans below!

A Frank Former Facebook Marketer’s Opinion on “Does Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 Work?”

Ever since Facebook became situated as one of the most popular places for Internet marketers to make a profit, there has been an influx of Facebook-related marketing products.

As always, very few of them are passable. Finding one that’s good is like pulling a 14-carat diamond out of a mud pile.

The point of this post will be to answer the following question: Does the Facebook Wealth Formula work?


I’m not going to waste your time by trying to sell it to you. The purpose of this post is to go over a quick summary of the problems that Facebook marketers face, then I will see how well the Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 handles those issues.

At the end of this post, I’ll judge it and give my Frank opinion of if it’s a worth the cash, if it’s better off as a free product, or if you shouldn’t waste your time with it.

Simple, easy, Frank.

Let’s get started.

The Products Promising to Make You a Facebook Marketing Guru Overnight

Let’s get one thing straight: making money on Facebook isn’t easy.

Too many people end up asking if you can really make money on Facebook, but only because they end up buying into methods that promise to make them millionaires overnight.

The First rule of Making Money with FacebookWhile you might get a few spoonfuls of success with these methods, they almost never pan out in the long run.

You have to treat Facebook marketing as you would any real business. If you want it to stay sustainable, you need to spend your time proving yourself as an expert, growing a fan base and coming up with unique ideas that people will cling to.

Keep the idea of treating Facebook marketing like a bona fide business in mind, as I’ll come back to it in a minute.

For now, let’s move on to the problems that Internet marketers face while trying to market on Facebook.

Internet Marketers and Facebook: The Big Problems

Most Internet marketers that try to use Facebook for the first, second or fourteenth time tend to end up falling flat on their faces. They make mistakes that result in their self-sabotage.

The source of these self-defeating behaviors stems from bad products that don’t teach them how to handle Facebook as a business.

Making Facebook Marketing Succeed

To that point, there’s three things that I believe Internet marketers tend to face when it comes to Facebook:

  1. Understanding your audience.
  2. Attracting valuable followers.
  3. Focusing on providing something that promotes sales.

Let’s go over each in brief detail.

1. Understanding Your Audience

Understanding the motivations and desires of your audience is key n any field of marketing. It helps you appeal to them, gain trust with them, and, ultimately, sell products to them.

Most Facebook-oriented products don’t teach you how to do this.

This is a problem. A big one.

What’s worse is that Facebook provides you with a toolbox of utilities that can help you better understand the people who watch you. For example, Facebook Insights can be instrumental in picking up on when your audience members are most active, what kind of content they love, and how far your content reaches.

2. Attracting Valuable Followers

There are two types of followers when it comes to Facebook: bots and real people.

You want the latter of the two.

The reason this is even a problem worth mentioning is that many products and courses focusing on Facebook marketing tend to state that a follower is a follower Unless they have a face and there’s a real person behind them, they have minimal use to you.

On the flip side of things, you also have a very small use to them. That means they won’t Like your content or even read it.

That’s another self-defeating belief.

3. Focusing on Sales

There exists a peculiar paradox in Facebook marketing: Everyone wants to make money, but nobody wants to outright buy your products.

Facebook is a Window to Marketing SuccessHow do you overcome this? The first rule is that you don’t shove your products into the faces of people. Period. It doesn’t matter if they’re interested, as you’ll eventually earn a bad reputation.

How can you go about selling to the people on Facebook? It’s simple, – provide them with something of value for free.

In other words, you need to work to provide them with insights that only you can provide. If you’re marketing green products, then provide them with a list detailing the 10 most efficient products to generate renewable energy.

You can link them to your sales pages at the end or within the article.

If you’re focusing on shorter content, then you can incorporate a pre-sales strategy to one of your own pages. Give them free content, then give the option to buy something to the people who view you as an expert.

What Do These Problems Have to Do with the Facebook Wealth Formula?

The Facebook Wealth Formula, or “FB Influence 2.0” as it’s called now, is yet another of those seemingly endless products that want to teach you how to get rich from Facebook.

While it’s no 14-carat gem, I do believe it’s one that’s worth 3 or 4 carts on its own. It gives you a basic understanding of Facebook along with a number of strategies that you can use to leverage Facebook marketing to your advantage.

The reason that I’ll even give the Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0 3 or 4 carats concerns the fact that it doesn’t promote a simple method to make money. It promotes teaching you how to actually start your Facebook business, which in turn leads to larger and more stable profits.

A Quick Overview of what the Facebook Wealth Formula Covers

It’s split up into four modules:

  1. Core Principles Pertaining to Facebook
  2. Growing Your Fans and Followers
  3. Engaging Your Followers in a Positive Light
  4. Making Your Fans Work for You

When you combine these modules together, you’ve got about 60% of what you need to begin marketing on Facebook. As you’ll find out in the first module, the other 40% comes from learning about your audience and dressing up your Facebook business in your own unique way.

What I Don’t Like About the Facebook Wealth Formula

What I detest about the Facebook Wealth Formula is simple, – it focuses too much on trying to upsell you on other products. The author is going to try to upsell you on other products at least 3 to 4 times before you finish the Facebook Wealth Formula 2.0.

Succeeding With Your Business Requires DedicationYou’ve been warned.

Aside from that, I don’t think it’s such a bad product. I just have a predominant dislike for products that try to sell you something else after you’ve bought them once.

While you’re going to see an abundance of upselling in the places you’d expect, you do gain access to bonus e-books that detail things like how to launch your product on Facebook, leveraging Facebook groups and the “3-Step Lead Generating Facebook Blueprint”.

Is the Facebook Wealth Formula Worth It?

In all honesty, the Facebook Wealth Formula might be worth purchasing. I think that it provides a solid foundation in Facebook marketing for anyone trying to learn a bit more about it. That means Internet marketers and people trying to learn more about social media marketing for their own business with skills that range from nonexistent to intermediate will find this decent.

It’s by no means a miracle product, nor will it make you rich overnight. However, if you’re willing to chuck in some hard work, creativity and decent work, then it will produce results.

I will say that the Facebook Wealth Formula is worth looking at. Give it a few moments of your time, inspect the product page and see how well you believe it will work for you.

You can click here to access the product page. Just keep in mind that the product’s name has changed from the “Facebook Wealth Formula” to “FB Influence 2.0” due to legal issues.

5 Basic Tips to Make Your Facebook Marketing More Effective

Social networking is anything but carefree. You need to actively work to understand your audience, their motivations and how to best communicate with them. You also need to diligently continue communicating with them, as staleness will only work against you.

Facebook Like Marketing Success

Of all the social networks, it’s my opinion that Facebook is the best. It has the most long-term potential and tends to have sophisticated safeguards that keep the spam that has taken over networks like Twitter to a minimum.

The problem with Facebook marketing is that it’s one of those tricky fields that I think most people shy away from because they don’t understand how it works. While I’m not going to go over if you can really make money using Facebook, I am going to outline a few tips to make your ventures in Facebook a bit more successful.

1. Try Communicating During Different Times of the Day and Different Days

While the Internet is always on, there may not always be people watching it. You’ll find that certain demographics tend to be more attentive during certain hours of the day, because they have their lunch break or they’re not longer in school or work.

Try sending messages during different times and on different days. You’ll eventually find the perfect times when you can communicate with your audience and get the most responses.

2. Integrate Pictures With Your Words

Don't let Facebook marketing turn ugly. Include images with your messages.

Don’t let Facebook marketing turn ugly. Include images with your messages.

Pictures are great, because they only take a glance to know what they’re about. You can then sit there and focus on them further to understand what each element is, how they’re related and the message behind the picture as a whole.

Work with pictures in your social messages. Utilize infographics, quotes with pictures and the like to see a better engagement rate.

3. Start Small and Honest

The biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to Facebook marketing is to try to make a hard, cold sell. Nobody’s going to want to buy your products and services just because you’ve pushed it into their face.

When you’re just starting out, try to keep things fairly general. Once you have a decent following, branch out into topics and further into subtopics with your messages. When you have a good following, you can begin linking back to your products as casual mentions.

4. Create Milestones and Show Them Off

Accomplishments, particularly those that everyone can share in, are something that everyone can benefit from. When you reach a certain amount of fans or friends, be sure to show it off.

You can branch this out and make your milestones things like anniversaries, graduations, your business’s achievements and more. You can even include your fans in the spotlight.

5. Respond to Comments

While your goal should be to write great content, you definitely want to foster communication between yourself and your fans. This two-way street can work to provide you with an extra element of friendliness to your Facebook marketing campaigns while helping you to understand what your audience truly wants.

Achieving Social Networking Sales Success

The First rule of Making Money with FacebookThe first and foremost rule of social networking is that you shouldn’t focus on making sales. Build a bond with your followers and you’ll see how it will work to provide you with sales down the road.

If you have a business mind, consider all the time that you spend talking to and learning about your demographics as an investment. I can assure you that it’s one that will pay off in the end.

What advice do you have when it comes to Facebook marketing? What drives your campaigns to success? Comment below!