5 Tips from Top Sellers to Make More Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is honestly one of my favorite websites in the whole world. It provides a level and, dare I say it, friendly playing field for budding entrepreneurs of all levels to compete for customers.

The best part is that, by operating your Fiverr account in the same way you would any other kind of business, you can dramatically increase how much money you make on Fiverr.
What I want to discuss today pertains to doing that. I want to discuss a few tips that will help you run your Fiverr business like you would a real business, which will help you make significantly more money with Fiverr and to find even more success.

Fiverr Seller Success for Beginners

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1. Choose a Username that Sells

The name of something is the first and last thing potential customers will always remember. Think of any business, and you’ll see that this is true.

Your username on Fiverr is much like “Walmart” or “McDonalds”. It represents what people will expect to purchase from you, which means that a suitable username will help people recognize what you provide them.

Choosing a Fiverr Username

You can pick a username that mirrors something more like a company name, such as Frankly Making Money would be, or you can choose something more personal like FranklySamSEO.

While this step is technically optional if you already have an established customer base, it may be worth pursuing if you find that you’re not getting quite as many customers as you’d want.


2. Make Specialized Gigs

Imagine that you were to start your own business tomorrow. Say that you wanted to develop a company that primarily sold cookies. How would you double, triple or even multiply your sales by a hundred?

Easy, – you release different flavors of cookies. Chocolate chip, raisin, crème sandwiches, and so on. The idea is that, if one customer likes one flavor of cookie, they’ll try another because it’s got your brand on it.

Fiverr works in much the same way. Your Gigs are much like the cookies in my example.

Take a seller that sells social bookmarks for a Gig. How would they ensure more buys from customers interested in SEO services? He could create Gigs that offer:

  • SEO-Optimized Article Creation
  • SEO Audits
  • Manual Blog Commenting
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Penalty Removal

… and so on, and so forth.

The idea is that related Gigs will multiply your sales, which adds up when you begin to attract more and more customers who like your services because of the quality you provide.


3. Make Efficient Use of Your Time

Making Efficient USe of Your Time with Fiverr GigsMany people start out with Gigs that take them 20 or 30 minutes to complete. While this isn’t a bad thing by itself, it’s certainly not the best way to earn $4 per Gig in the long run.

The idea is that you should offer Gigs that you can quickly complete, or you should work on accumulating Seller levels until Fiverr says that you can offer numerous Gigs or higher-priced Gigs. This will allow you to get paid more for the same amount of time.

If you choose to work more efficiently, then ensure that the quality of the product you deliver to your Buyer is still superb. Quick and dirty sales are one thing, but ensuring that you can develop lasting relationships with your satisfied customers is something that will benefit you much more in the long run just like it would with a real business.


4. Make an Exquisite Gig

Making a Gig and making a Gig that sells well are two different things.

What can you do to ensure your Gig sells better? Below are a few things to pay attention to when creating your next Gig or tweaking an older one:

  1. Make the name of your Gig sell itself. You want to use the right keyword and craft your title in such a way that potential customers click your Gig. One glance should tell them everything that your Gig is about.
  2. Sell why your service is the best in your Gig’s description. Here’s where you really sell yourself. You want to explain who you are, what you provide, and why what your customer is buying will be better than anything they could purchase from another seller on Fiverr.
  3. Make your Gig’s picture rock. It doesn’t matter if you use an example of your work or a picture that highlights briefly the advantages of your Gig over others. You just need a picture that excites your potential customers.
  4. Videos are awesome. Interactive media forces your customers to stop and look at your Gigs for the duration of your media. This greatly improves the chances that your customers will buy your product while ensuring that your Gig looks even more professional.
  5. Employ the proper tags. While your Gig’s category should be pretty easy to find, it’s the tags that will make it even easier for Buyers to find. Make sure your tags are accurate to ensure the right people find and buy your Gigs.


5. Promotions on New Gigs Boost Sales

The hardest part of creating a brand new Gig is ensuring that you have those first few Buyers to make your Gig popular. You then need to impress them enough so that they leave reviews and top ratings on your Fiverr Gig.

That’s one of the biggest keys to making money on Fiverr, and it applies even in the world of real business.

Providing Your Fiverr Gigs with Boosts by Providing a Bonus.

Providing Your Fiverr Gigs with Boosts by Providing a Bonus.

To accomplish this, add a bonus incentive in for the first few buyers. This incentive can be anything, so long as it makes Buyers want to choose your Gig over other Gigs on Fiverr, even established ones. Extra favors, free Gigs for the first ten customers, and so on are all ideas that will help seed your Gig with positive reviews.


Making Even More Money with Fiverr

I hope the tips I’ve shared on this post will help you in your Fiverr endeavors. They’re listed here so that you can understand that Fiverr can be your first step into the world of real business.

When you understand that, you’ll see that your Fiverr Gigs begin to become increasingly profitable.

But what if you want to make even more money with Fiverr? The answer is that you should subscribe to my blog and to take a look at my Comprehensive guide on How to Make Money on Fiverr for Beginners. You’ll learn new tips, tricks and other helpful pieces of advice that will help your Gigs achieve success.

Do you have other tips for making money on Fiverr? Do you have questions about anything I’ve listed here? Feel free to comment in the comments section below! Frankly, I love hearing from my readers!